The Best Ways to Cruise Around Lake Travis
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Enjoy a Ski Boat Rental on Lake Travis

Looking for a ski boat rental on Lake Travis? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at watersports? Look no more! Lake Travis Boat Rentals has everything you need for a great day out on the lake.

Ski Boat Rentals on Lake Travis

Quality Ski Boat Rentals at a Great Price

Lake Travis Boat Rentals, situated on the north coast of Point Venture, TX, is one of the leading Lake Travis ski boat rental and waverunner rental businesses within the greater Austin metro area. We focus on renting only high quality, late-model ski boat rentals at very competitive rates and our employees are committed to making your day a memorable one on Lake Travis.

Ski Boat Rental Highlights

  • Life Jackets are provided for all passangers
  • Plenty of dry storage to store your belongings
  • A waterproof map of Lake Travis is included
  • Depth sensor letting you monitor the waters depth

Ski Boat Rental Highlights

Come out today and try your hand at wake boarding, water skiing, wake surfing and tubing on our competition ski boat rentals on Lake Travis. Our ski boat rentals are hands down one of the best ways for you, your friends and your family to enjoy a scenic day on Lake Travis. Lake Travis Boat Rentals is proud to provide only the latest, cleanest, and smoothest running motor boat rentals in Austin, TX on Lake Travis. 

Lake Travis Ski Boat Rental Passengers

Our 8-10 passenger ski boats provide plenty of space to cruise the lake comfortably. Whether you have a small group of people or are just looking to cruise around solo, our boats will have no problem getting you wherever you decide to go. For safety reasons, all passengers are required to be seated while the ski boat is in motion. If you are planning to do water sports, make sure you bring your gear or you can ask about our water sport rentals that we can provide to you for an additional fee. All boats come with a tow rope tucked away in one of the ski boats storage bins.

Enjoying Your Ski Boat Rental on Lake Travis in Austin, TX

There are tons of things you can do within an hour of boating on the lake: ride around and enjoy the beautiful Lake Travis coves, cruise around the Hudson Bend, or take in views of the Texas hill sides. If you enjoy water sports, bring out your own gear or ask to rent one of our wake boards, wakesurf boards, tubes, or water skis for an additional fee. Feeling hungry? There are numerous restaurants on Lake Travis that you can pull up to and get a bite. Looking to keep Lake Travis weird? Go checkout Devils Cove or Hippie Hollow and you will be sure to get your dose of weirdness for the day. No matter what you enjoy doing, there are tons of ways to do it with a ski boat rental on Lake Travis.

Is a ski boat not your style?

Take a look at some of our other Lake Travis boat rentals or try a jet ski rental on Lake Travis instead.

Lake Travis Boat Rentals Offers

All Boat Rentals Come With

* Rental accessories provided upon request

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Your Guide to Fun on Lake Travis


If you’re bored on Lake Travis, you’re doing it wrong. Checkout the official Lake Travis website and see what’s going when you’re enjoying the lake. Here are also a few fun things to do on Lake Travis that everyone can enjoy. Happen to be a statistics nerd? Checkout these interesting Lake Travis water level metrics.

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